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Meet the Author – lesson series (4-2)

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Application picture from lesson 4 – The Holy Spirit, the believer’s Companion.

Excerpt from lesson text:
“… If you are God’s child, the Holy Spirit is always with you – when you are playing at school, when you are alone at home, when you feel afraid, or when you are sick.
He will never leave you.  You can always count on this good Friend (who is the all-powerful God) being with you.  In fact he is living in you. …”
Meet the Author is 5 part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. There are 7 illustrations per lesson.  Ring bound flashcard book with accompanying lesson text. Print size: 24x34cm.  Illustrated with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
Copyright ©2009, CEF Europe.  Do not use pictures without permission. Thank you.
1706, 2009

illustration stages (father/son)

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The stages to completing the father/son illustration:

The first stage (not shown above) is the most important stage of prayerfully reading the lesson text several times, making written and visual notes, historical and theological research, consider cultural differences between countries, drawing multiple (10-20) different thumbnail sketch ideas before deciding on a final idea.  These mini sketches may look like primitive chicken scratch to some folks but they are vital to the process!  This is the more time consuming stage with 95% of the decisions being made here before proceeding.
#1-3 Many reference photos are taken from various angles and locations then I select the ones to use for the illustration.  This may even involve using body parts from different photos and merging them into one person.
#4 Time to merge, mask and edit the images in Adobe Photoshop.  This may also involve redrawing, perspective correction, etc.  For a Bible scene, there would be an additional stage of totally redrawing a scene from the reference photos.  Modern day application illustrations like this are much easier than a Bible scene.
#5 This stage involves creating multiple layers in Photoshop.  The image may have 20-30 layers on top of each other where I use different digital brushes to add controlled dodging/burning, local colour adjustment layers, level adjustments, masking, etc..  Redrawing areas may be required and colour decisions are finalized at this stage.  This is all done with individual brush strokes using a Wacom® pen on screen. No “one click” trick Photoshop art filters are used.
#6 The Photoshop file is imported into Corel Painter X to create the final painting/illustration.  This is similar to traditional painting, using individual paint brush strokes and not applying any “instant” art filters. Corel Painter is excellent at creating natural media brush strokes and blending … minus the setup or clean up.  The painting is brought back into Photoshop for final touch ups.
Photoshop and Corel Painter have greatly reduced my production time.  The final production stages #4-6 (after the initial research, sketch stage) may take between 1-3 days.  Some Bible scenes will take longer.  The final stages #4-6 of the above illustration took around 10 hrs. to complete.
1606, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (3-7)

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excerpt from accompanying lesson text:

Maybe somebody has said to you that you look like your daddy.  The Holy Spirit not only brings you into God’s family when you trust in Jesus, but He also begins to make you more and more like your Heavenly Father (1 Peter 1:14-15).  You do not become like Him in your looks, but in the way you behave.
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Flashcard print size is 24x34cm.  Illustrated using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
1704, 2009

Lost (and found) in the woods explained

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This illustration is a review of the illustration about the boy lost in the woods and found by the forest ranger.

Questions include:
Who does George represent? Why did George get lost? Who does the ranger represent?
What is the Book that the Holy Spirit uses to show us the right way?  From what dangerous path does He want to guide us? Into what safe path does He want to guide us? etc..
Bridge…   The Holy Spirit is the One who helps the sinner to turn to God.
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Flashcard print size is 24 x 34cm.  35 illustrations with accompanying text.  Illustrated using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel PainterX.
1504, 2009

Lost in the woods – Meet the Author series

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Short story illustration in lesson text:
George took a walk in the woods and as it got dark he lost his way.  A forest ranger found him before he encountered a dangerous cliff.  He showed George how he was lost and warned him of his danger, turned him around and with the map helped him to get on the right path to the safety of home.
Illustration for Meet the Author 5-part Bible lesson series on the Holy Spirit. 24x34cm flashcard with lesson text.  There are 7 illustrations for each lesson. Illustrated using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel PainterX
604, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series

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Peter preaching.

Meet the Author; 5-part lesson series; 24x34cm flashcard with accompanying lesson text. Created with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
204, 2009

“Meet the Author” series

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Here is an excerpt from the accompanying lesson text.

Some people think that the Holy Spirit is something like the force of gravity or electricity.  That is not so.  He is a Person.  A person is someone who can think, who can understand and know, who can love.  The Holy Spirit too can think, He can understand and know.  In fact He knows everything there is to know!  He can love – He loves everything that is good and right.  He hates all that is wrong. ….
Meet the Author –  5 Bible lessons for children on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Final printed size: 24x34cm.
1903, 2009

When including the Bible in an illustration

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Finished another illustration this evening…

If I’m including a Bible in an illustration, I remove any text from the cover as the lesson will be taught in many different languages.  I also avoid having the Bible cover black as this can be confused or associated with religious prayer books, etc. in some cultures/religions.

This picture is at the end of lesson #2. There are 5 lessons with 7 pictures in each lesson.    The Gospel is clearly presented in every lesson.
Meet the Author – Bible lesson series. printed size: 24x34cm.  Illustrated using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
1703, 2009

Building Bridges from the familiar to the unfamiliar

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This illustration is an example from the “Meet the Author” Bible lesson series where a suggestion is given for a visual aid.  The teacher could remove an actual letter from an envelope and begin reading.  For those who may not have a letter/envelope on hand, we’ve included an illustration.  The letter is building a bridge from something they are familiar with to better understand a Biblical truth they are unfamiliar with.

Here is an excerpt from the text that accompanies this illustration:

“If you get a letter or e-mail from your grandmother or some other person, what kind of things would you find in it?  Isn’t there usually some news about the person who wrote to you and then probably something about you: your Grandma says that she is glad that you are doing well at school; maybe she is pleased that you have good friends.  That is exactly what the Bible is like.  There is news in it about God the writer.  The Bible tells us that God is good and loving.  He is totally perfect.  He never does anything wrong.”
Flashcard series: printed size 24x34cm.  Illustrated using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel PainterX.
503, 2009


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The title of this blog entry might not make sense to some of you.  Stay with me as I explain …

A computer screen or a TV uses red, green, and blue light (RGB) to create all the colours you see on your screen and even then, the colours will appear slightly different on your screen from another computer screen.  If you mix 100% of all the colours together you get white.

The printed page (offset printing) creates colour differently.  All the colours you see on a printed page are made from cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK).  The range of colours possible with CMYK is much smaller than with RGB as you can see in the image above!  If you mix 100% of all the colours (pigments) together you get black.
Now you get a small glimpse of the challenge we face in bridging these two worlds – creating graphics in an RGB world, on a computer, and knowing how they will appear in the CMYK world – in print for the children.  The above illustration, completed a few minutes ago, is a perfect example.  The image at the top is very bright and saturated.  Most of the colours fall far outside the range possible with CMYK printing (image below).  The bottom image is a soft proof I did within Photoshop on-screen to see how muddy my colours might become when printed and then I decide if a more suitable colour should be used.  Even when I used to work with traditional materials (paint, colour pencils) I still had to store away half my colour pencils and avoid some paint colours because I knew those colours would not survive the printing process.
The illustration above is for the “Meet the Author” lesson series.  Final print size is 24x34cm.  If we produce the series as a PowerPoint® presentation on CD, I will adjust the purple and green again.
2702, 2009

Using symbols to teach truths

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For a Bible lesson series, simple symbols can be effective in illustrating a truth for children.

Here are two illustrations for Meet the Author, a lesson series teaching about the person and work of the Holy Spirit.
Illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Final print size: 24x34cm
2502, 2009

Application picture-Meet the Author series

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(click on image to enlarge)

Several excerpts from the Bible lesson series, Meet the Author:

“…. The wind fills the sails and carries the boats across the waves.
That is another picture of how the Holy Spirit helped the writers of the books of the Bible.  …. “Men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21b). …. The information in other books may grow out of date.  But God’s Word is for ever.  It is always true; always right; always up-to-date.  It will never pass away.”
I’m trying to keep a consistent style between each illustration while still learning and refining my use of Corel Painter X in the workflow.  It’s difficult to see the brush stroke details in this reduced image, but I used a wet camel hair oil brush and was amazed at the Corel Painter’s ability to blend and flow colours resembling real oil paint on a brush!
Final print size: 24x34cm
2302, 2009

Isaiah writing

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I completed another illustration for the Meet the Author Bible lesson series this evening.  I might tweak some colours later on before it’s printed this summer.  The colours (especially the violets and oranges) will become more muted than they appear here, when converted to CMYK for printing.

Flashcard size is 24x34cm.  Lesson was illustrated in Adobe Photoshop and Corel PainterX.
1802, 2009

Isaiah preaching

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I just completed this picture for the 5-part Bible lesson series on the Holy Spirit – “Meet the Author”.
Printed image will be 24x34cm.  
The illustration was created using Adobe Photoshop CS3 with additional editing in Corel PainterX.
1912, 2008

Trying a New Technique

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This is my first attempt at combining Corel PainterX with illustrating in Photoshop.  Painter is the best program for simulating natural brush/pen strokes of traditional media (oil, watercolor, gouache, charcoal, etc.).  The three images at the bottom were reference photos used for the final illustration.
About 2/3 was created within Photoshop and the remaining 1/3 of the process in Painter.

The above image is an application picture as part of the 5-part Bible lesson series, “Meet the Author”.  The printed ring-bound flashcard will be 24 x 34cm.
2108, 2008

Church meetings in USA

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We look forward to visiting with many of you during our time in the States. Some have asked about when & where we would be sharing our ministry in churches. I’ve included a website link for the church when available so you can get directions and times. If you have additional questions, please drop us an email. I will try to keep the list up-to-date as more meetings are being scheduled. 

[updated: November 15]

Church meetings:

  • July 27 – Mount Wolf Community Church – Mt. Wolf, PA – website
  • Aug. 4-16 – CEF Inc. – Warrenton, MO – website
  • End of August – South Carolina
  • Sept. 14 – David’s Community Bible Church – Millersburg, PA – website
  • Sept. 20, 21 – West Rockport Baptist Church – West Rockport, ME – website
  • Sept 27-Oct. 5 – Calvary Bible Church (missions conference)– Hanover, PA – website
  • Oct. 12 – St. Paul’s Wolf’s ECC – York, PA – website
  • Oct. 12 – Calvary Bible Church (evening service) – Hanover, PA– website
  • Oct. 19 – St. Bartholomew – Hanover, PA
  • Oct. 25-29 – Calvary Bible Church (missions conference) – Wrightsville, PA – website
  • Nov. 2 – York Bible Church (evening service) – York, PA – website
  • Nov. 23 – New Hope Community Church – Seven Valleys, PA
  • Nov. 16 – West Grove Pres. Church (AM service) – West Grove, PA – website
2105, 2008

Staff Farewell

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On May 15, the Kilchzimmer workers gathered together for a meal and say farewell to several staff members leaving Kilchzimmer.

[From Right to Left]
For 14 years, Suzanne Jones was secretary to Roy Harrison, the European Regional Director. She will be returning to N. Ireland.

Paul & Audrey Reid have been with CEF for 43 years and in recent years were serving in Kilchzimmer as head of the European Education Dept.. They will be returning to Spain where they served as missionaries.

The Mayhew family will move to France where Philippe will be the National Director of CEF France. Philippe worked at Kilchzimmer in the Education Dept..

Lizanne Dumigan was head of the Multi-Media Dept. and worked as Administrative assistant to the European Director. She arrived in Kilchimmer during the mid-80s, shortly before we did and worked closely with Sue & I all these years in the Literature production ministry. She was a great asset to the department and will be missed. Lizanne returned to N. Ireland and plans to marry in August.

1004, 2008

Preschool IOT Course

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The Preschool Instructor of Teachers (IOT) pilot course is being held this week. These key veteran CEF workers will return to their regions and conduct the course in how to reach and teach preschoolers. Future IOT courses for preschoolers will be planned. Tim taught two classes on working with puppets.

503, 2008

Multimedia Summit ’08

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(photo 1) Tim teaching seminar on Photoshop, Digital Imaging, and Illustration guidelines.
(photo 2) Group photo.

We had an encouraging week of meetings with valuable discussions/teaching continuing outside of class from morning until bed-time! You would have several workers sharing challenges they faced with literature in their country, then someone else would share their solution to the problem, so the week was not just for workers to learn but to also share their experiences with others.
We finished the week tired … but it was a good tired!

1802, 2008

Multimedia Summit ’08

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Materials: a chair, a disposable white plastic table cloth, and common household/utility lights (or use sunlight!).
A macro photo studio at no cost, that stores flat and goes anywhere!

This is just one example of what I will be sharing in the Digital Imaging/Photoshop seminar. There will be around 45 key CEF literature workers coming to Kilchzimmer from all over Europe and as far away as Central Asia for training in the production of literature and coordinating the literature ministry in their countries. The Multimedia Summit will be held the last week of February.

2501, 2008

“Parables” lesson – adding colour

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Sometimes I’m asked to add colour to existing B/W line artwork as will be the case with this lesson on the Parables. This artwork was drawn by a woman in Italy and made available to CEF. I scanned in the line drawings, separated the black lines from the white background and used Adobe Photoshop to add colour, surface texture, etc.. Depending on the complexity of the image and other requests that come past my desk, I can complete 1 to 4 pictures per day.

Note: previously completed Bible illustrations.
2401, 2008

“Meet the Author” – flashcard series

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This page explains how we have a body and can only be one place at one time. The person of the Holy Spirit was sent to be present all over the world at the same time….

2401, 2008

“Meet the Author” – flashcard series

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The Bible, God’s Word, tells us that there is only one true and living God. (Is.44:6b). He is the One who made the Universe. He made the millions of worlds that look like tiny lights up in the night sky ….