211, 2010

Good News Club® Resource Packs

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Brent Hautle (graphic artist) has been busy working on a new CEF item – Good News Club® resource packs to go along with the entire 5-year GNC® teaching cycle.  This is a big project that involves creating work sheets for children, memory verse visuals, review games, visual aids and other teaching helps to go along with the lesson series being taught.

Sometimes I’m called on to help with an illustration.  This is an illustration of Herod’s Temple at the time of Christ and will be used with the CEF series, Life of Christ I.

Copyright ©2010, CEF Europe.  Do not use pictures without permission. Thank you.

111, 2010

The Call of Jeremiah (1)

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This is a recently completed illustration for a single lesson (10 illustrations) on The Call of Jeremiah.  The central theme of the lesson is “God has a plan for your life”.

At Kilchzimmer we have a series of single lessons that come with B/W drawings for making overhead transparencies.  Several of these lessons are now being updated and printed as full-colour flashcard lessons (24x34cm).

For this series of illustrations I will try using a limited colour palette for several of the pictures.

The illustration was drawn in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and digitally painted in Corel Painter X.

Copyright ©2010, CEF Europe.  Do not use pictures without permission. Thank you.
1409, 2010

Inspiring Art

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Brandywine River Museum

While in the States this summer we had the opportunity to visit two art museums.  For the past 15-20 yrs. I’ve been wanting to get to the Brandywine River Museum (Chadds Ford, PA).  Howard Pyle (often referred to as the father of American Illustration) had an art school in the area and the handful of gifted students coming from this school had a big impact on the course of illustration in America at the turn of the century.  Among those students was N. C. Wyeth (father of Andrew Wyeth).  N.C. Wyeth would be in my top 5 list of artists whose work had an impact on my development as an illustrator.  It was exciting to see the large original oil paintings he did for Treasure Island.  I studied the paintings for a few hours.  Touring his studio was another real treat – seeing all his authentic props for the Treasure Island illustrations, a birch bark indian canoe suspended from the ceiling, viewing his resource/research library on the shelves (no touching!), palette with paint on it left untouched from his last painting, etc..  I can highly recommend a tour of the museum and studio.

An added surprise was the opportunity to meet a local who posed for one of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings (motorcyclist at stop light). We also met Victoria Wyeth who shared many insights about Andrew Wyeth, debunking much of what the “expert” art critics were saying about his work.  Art critics often look for all these deep subtle meanings for every detail in a painting, analyzing it to death, when the artist may have simply loved the effects of light falling on an object or the bull in the field got too close and he had to stop painting!  Sometimes the artist will include extra meaning to an image – for example, NC Wyeth’s  book illustration for King Arthur shows a knight blowing a trumpet for a royal proclamation [illustration top right].  NC Wyeth completed this painting on the day his son Andrew was born, announcing his birth. 🙂

Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery
The other art museum we visited was on the campus of Bob Jones University.  We toured the museum while taking Heather (3rd yr.) and Sarah (1st yr.) to start school at BJU the end of August.
BJU has the second largest collection of religious art in the world, second only to the Vatican.  Most of the artwork was purchased immediately after WWII when many churches in Europe (especially Italy) were destroyed and they needed the money to repair the churches or had nowhere to put the priceless artwork, etc..  I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having them back now!

Of the hundreds of masterpieces, there was one painting that stood out for me.  This is the only painting I’ve seen from this period in church history that focused on Joseph and brought out the love of a father for his son.  

[St. Joseph and the Christ Child by Carlos Francesco Nuvolone, 1609-1662.]

If you get to BJU at the right time of year try to attend the Living Gallery, when the students create exact duplicates of certain paintings or sculptures in the gallery using actors and having 2D artwork transform and come to life on stage.

You can also read about my visit to the Bern Museum earlier this year marking the 100th anniversary of Albert Anker, another artist near the top of my favorite artists list.

1506, 2010

The Promised Saviour (Christmas lesson)

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One of the new literature items we introduced at the CEF European Regional Conference in May was a single lesson, The Promised Saviour.  The lesson had been available before as an overhead projector lesson with black & white line drawings.

This lesson is ideal for a Christmas program such as the one-day Christmas clubs held around Europe.  These seasonal children’s meetings have been well attended and often result in long term Good News Clubs® being started in unreached areas.

The artwork was redone and instead of separate images, we combined the entire lesson into one A3 sheet (approx. 16.5″x 11.5″).   The left and right column have a fold where, in the lesson intro, the visual opens like a double door revealing the entire page.  There is a larger picture on the backside as part of the lesson intro which includes the wrapped present and ribbon you see on the lesson text cover at left.  The small picture squares are covered ahead of time with pieces of paper and revealed individually as the story is told.

The center panoramic manger scene was designed to be revealed in thirds, showing the family on the left, Bethlehem in the center and the right third panel is revealed when describing the manger and animals.  The images needed to be simple because of the size.  This style was a challenge for me in addition to working out the mechanics for a single sheet visual.

Artwork was created in Adobe Photoshop and individual squares were placed in Adobe InDesign.

1705, 2010

CEF European Conference 2010

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As I write this we are nearing the end of another exciting CEF European Regional Conference with 350+ workers attending from around Europe, Russia, and Central Asia [picture 1.].  Nearly all the rooms were filled.  The conference comes every three years and was held this year in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.  This is a big event that comes every three years and lasts for a week.  There are also other meetings and courses tagged on the end of the conference.  I will stay until Tuesday evening to teach a seminar course in the Instructors of Preschoolers course.

The conference week was full of meetings, seminar classes, fellowship time, Bible teaching by Dr. Rev. Stafford Carson, messages from the president of CEF – Reese Kauffman, and much more.! This is also an important and valuable time to “Network” with workers and country leaders we would not normally get to meet otherwise, organizing and discussing projects for their country.

[picture 2.] This is the main meeting room.  We had excellent facilities at the Schönblick Christian conference center.

[picture 3.] One of the big events of the conference was the passing on of the baton, when the leadership of Europe (European Regional Director) was passed from Roy Harrison to Gerd-Walter Buskies.  Here Roy and Ruth are standing next to a painting presented to them, painted by Aapo Pukk – a respected portrait painter from Estonia who has painted heads of state and leaders in Europe & US.
G.W. Buskies is holding the mic.  There were all kinds of surprises throughout the day bringing laughter and tears.

[picture 4.] Our Multimedia department was busy for several months leading up to the conference completing projects to introduce to the workers for their ministry.

[picture 5.] From here Brent Hautle (the graphic designer at Kilchzimmer) operates the lights located in every corner and sets up the presentations for projecting on the wall.  Brent gave an excellent seminar on giving effective presentations.  You can view/download this from the Conference website at ustream.tv.  If you want to view any of the services, drop me an email and I’ll give you the URL and password to watch any of the recorded services and messages.

[picture 6.] Markus (CEF Austria) was responsible for the sound system.  They had an amazing sound system and Markus felt right at home with all the mics, knobs and sliders.

[picture 7.] One of my responsibilities during the conference was to control the video cameras and projector.  Also, off to the side I had my laptop set up to control the video stream for viewing LIVE over the Internet.  Getting this to work with the video console is a story in itself.  There were quite a few people around the world watching the services live and another 400+ people watching the services later.  Even though this kept us busy operating the console it was quite exciting (and fun!). 🙂

1404, 2010

Do You Wonder Why? (Poland)

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Original English version and new cover of Polish version.

Updates are given at end of this post!
CEF has a 16-page evangelistic booklet entitled, Do You Wonder Why? – Answers to Tough Questions.  This booklet is distributed in specific areas of the world immediately following a tragedy whether it be a natural disaster or, in this case a country in mourning after the tragic accident where a plane carrying the Polish president, First Lady and other top Gov’t officials, crashed enroute to a memorial service in Russia remembering another tragic event in Poland’s history.
CEF Poland is planning to distribute this Gospel booklet in Poland this coming weekend and the following days to coincide with other events (funeral of the president, etc.). 40,000 are planned for the first printing and a second printing is planned.  We had to act quickly to get the book printed in time.  A print shop in Poland is ready to print the booklets.  There is still a few more details to be completed before the files are ready to print … in four hours from now!
Here are examples of the illustrations I needed to complete – in one day.  It was important to replace some of the visuals with illustrations that directly relate to the plane crash in Poland.  These changes will give more impact and make it more applicable to the Polish children (and adults) at this time.  The photo I took of the boy was from a previous project and I was able to “tweek” it for use with the cover theme.  Besides the time constraints to get it done, there was the challenge of how to sensitively illustrate the tragedy.
There is a window of opportunity now  as the people are looking for answers.  Pray that this booklet will be used to provide answers from the Bible and introduce many children (and adults) to the Saviour.
(click on image to enlarge)
Above is the original English version and new page spread showing the plane crash site.  This page talks about fears and questions children may have.  
Questions addressed in the booklet include:
  • Does God know and care about me?
  • Why do so many bad things happen in the world?
  • Why did God allow this to happen?
  • How can I get through this terrible time?
(click on image to enlarge)
This shows the original English version and the page with an image inserted, relating to the plane crash.  The challenge here was taking a digitally drawn image and having it match the original artwork (traditional media) done by another artist several years ago.
(4/15) update: 
40,000 booklets are being printed now in Poland.  60 churches are taking part in distributing the booklets.  On Saturday, about one million people are expected in Warszawa for a memorial service.  There is also plans to distribute booklets on Sunday in Kraków as several hundred thousand are expected to gather for the funeral of the President & First Lady.  On Saturday there is a pastor’s conference and the booklets will be offered to the pastors for their congregations to distribute across Poland.

(4/20) update:
In Warsaw on Saturday several thousand booklets were distributed in a couple hours.  Several thousand more were distribute on Sunday in Kraków.  Children, adults, and elderly people eagerly received a copy.  The distribution continues with a second printing planned.  Pray for the follow-up.

302, 2010

Software Design Course

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This past Thursday was the last day of the Software Design Course held in Kilchzimmer for CEF workers involved in literature production. Eight students attended from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.  Brent Hautle organized the 10-day course and taught the classes.  It was a packed schedule that included a visit to a local print shop, in-depth learning of the Adobe Creative Suite production software programs (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) and learning effective principles of design.
I enjoyed helping teach two seminars relating to Photography, Adobe Bridge and how to edit images in the Adobe Camera Raw editor.
Pray for these students as they return to their countries and need to recall all that they learned in preparing and producing materials to reach children with the Gospel.  Several students return to countries where they are directly persecuted for their Faith and ministry with the children.  It was an answer to prayer that their visas came through (at the last minute!) to attend the course.
Other similar courses are scheduled as the need arrises and held in locations around Europe.
501, 2010

Sources of learning (online & print)

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During Christmas break, I’ve had some time to catch up with the looong list of blogs I am subscribed to.  Most of the blogs relate to illustration (art) or photography.

Here are some of my favorite blogs that have been most useful to me in the work.

Art/illustration related:

Gurney Journey – James Gurney is a well-known illustrator whose blog is rich in fundamental (time-tested) techniques illustrators should be aware of – colour theory, composition, story-telling through illustration, etc..  Even though my workflow has shifted over the years to being entirely digital, it still needs to first be grounded on these foundational skills.  There are no computer shortcuts, quick fixes, or instant “art filter plugins” to get around it!  The computer is just another tool for the artist (like a brush).  Unfortunately many young artists today allow their computer and the software developers to control them and their creative decision making process.

There is so much info here that the blog’s content has been conveniently edited into a book, “Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist”.  For my work, “what doesn’t exist” can also refer to recreating through illustrations past historical (Bible) events.

Bible Illustration Blog – Excellent resource for accurately illustrating historical Biblical events and communicating the truths of God’s Word visually. Graham Kennedy is one of the few Bible illustrators who invests many hours of detailed research to make sure every part of his illustrations are historically accurate to the Biblical accounts and clearly communicate the Truths of Scriptures.  I highly recommend this blog to anyone involved in creating or even just using Bible illustrations in their ministry.

One nice surprise I discovered on an art blog last week was the complete “Famous Artist Course” 24 part series (1960 edition) available for free download online [update: download link has been removed from website].  This course was created around 50 years ago by a group of top illustrators from America’s Golden Age of illustration (Norman Rockwell, etc.) and is considered a classic by artists today.  It’s been out of print for many years but you can find old copies on eBay for around $250, so you can imagine the joy of seeing it available for free online.

Photography plays a role in ministry and is a vital part of my illustration workflow.  Here are several Photography blogs that I follow.

Strobist – One of the most popular photography blogs on the Internet, focusing on off-camera flash (strobe) photography.  Photography is more about the use of “light” than the type of camera you use.  For first time visitors I recommend beginning with the Lighting 101 section of the blog.

Pixelated Image – David duChemin is a humanitarian photographer and a best selling-author.  His blog can be summed up in the phrase, “Gear is good, Vision is better”.
He has several eBooks I can recommend and has written several excellent print books.
The book, Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision is the best photography book I’ve ever read.  I didn’t need to bookmark my pages – I just picked up reading where the highlighter marks and underlining stopped!  This is a must-read for anyone interacting photographically with other cultures or using photography in your ministry.  Doesn’t matter if you are using a point-n-shoot or cell-phone camera.  This is practical “how-to” and touches on the real issues that make a powerful photograph and communicates your initial vision – one of the few things that todays high tech cameras can’t do for you. 😉

There are many other blogs such as smashingmagazine.com (graphic & web design), Scott Kelby (the Photoshop guy), etc.  These are just a sampling of the 50+ blogs from my list.

1211, 2009

Chiaroscuro, low-key painting (study)

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Chiaroscuro – (Italian) light – dark.
An art term used to describe the contrast between light and dark.

I was looking through artwork from several great classic masters like Caravaggio, Velazquez, Vermeer, Rembrandt, etc.  I love how they use simple lighting setups to create volume, contrast, composition.  For CEF lesson illustrations, I sometimes use black outlines to create separation for children to clearly see the Bible characters from a distance … but I prefer to use adjacent light/dark shapes (and colour) to create the separation.  [interesting how often my characters just happened to be framed by a window or doorway. 🙂 ]

I was taking more reference photos this past week for a CEF promotional (Kids Packet).  A single diffused light source was used for the photos.  I was drawn to this particular photo with how the face was framed by the dark hair and winter coat.
This evening I made a digital oil painting study (practice), creating a low-key painting and incorporating strong contrast in areas, placing light/dark values against each other to create separation, shape/form, all to lead the eye.  It was a good learning exercise for me.

Hope you enjoy the painting.

511, 2009

Photo resources

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There is a constant need for photos in our work.  Having access to the right (quality) photos to effectively communicate the message is one of the biggest challenges we face in designing materials.

We have several options for getting photos.  There are online stock libraries which work in some instances but do not represent specific CEF ministries.  For CEF ministries in action we regularly request photos from our workers across Europe … and then wait.  There are other times when photos are needed for a project requiring a certain lighting, setup, positioning, image quality, etc..

Here are some photos I took this past week of our European Director’s grandchildren visiting from France.  They were great models.  While setting up the lights in their apartment I was reminded of what one photographer said, “Good portraits are 10% photography and 90% moving furniture!”.
These photos will be part of a short 3-5 min. video I’m preparing that will be shown in churches across Europe and made available in many languages.  I was able to control the lighting and get the consistent results needed between all the photos in the project.  Photos like this can be used again for future literature projects.

Technical notes: I imported the photos into Adobe Bridge, edit them in Camera RAW, then opened in Photoshop to mask the subject from the background (creates a transparent background around subject).  This allows me to place the subject as a floating object against any background.

610, 2009

Children’s Ministry Leadership Course

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The 3-month Children’s Ministry Leadership Course recently started up at Kilchzimmer.
The Autumn course has 18 students taking the classes in German and 12 students taking the classes in English.
It can be a challenge waiting for a good photo day.  This afternoon, I quickly snapped photos of each class … in between the big gusts of wind, blowing leaves and hair.  You’ll notice I asked someone to hold down the flash and umbrella stand from flying away.  The rain came as soon as we finished.  That’s Swiss weather!

Photographer notes: I used the flash (manual setting) to help warm up the shadows on the faces and fill in around the eyes. The flash helped to counter the cool overcast day and surrounding green reflecting onto their faces.  Because I used a single umbrella for a group shot, I had the umbrella center pointing toward the far end of the group, feathering the light across those nearest the umbrella and giving an even coverage of light across the entire group.

308, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (cover)

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The cover is ready!

After a few years of start/stops due to other project priorities and deputation in the US, I’ve finally completed the illustrations for the Meet the Author Bible flashcard series.  With the completion of the visuals, the project is now ready for printing later this month at a print shop in Poland and will be distributed to CEF national offices.  Several countries have completed or are working on the translation of the text.  The lesson text is printed separate and there is no text integrated in any visuals to make them usable in multiple languages.
Please continue to pray for the printing, ongoing translation, distribution of the lessons, and that the lesson series will be used to reach many boys and girls with the Gospel.
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Illustrations will be printed in a 24x34cm ring-bound flashcard book with accompanying lesson text.
As with most of our visualized lessons, we have plans to offer it in the future in PowerPoint format.
Illustrations created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.  The cover was created in Adobe InDesign.
3107, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (5-4)

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Excerpt from accompanying lesson text:
… As you read a little of God’s Word each day, you can pray to God and ask that the Holy Spirit, the Author of the Bible, will help you understand and obey what He has written for you.
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. visuals are 24x34cm and come with accompanying lesson text. Illustrations created using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
3007, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (5-1)

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This was one of the more challenging lesson texts to visualize from the series.

Romans 8:26 “… The Spirit also helps us in our weaknesses.  For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.”

How does one illustrate for children the Holy Spirit helping the believer and interceding with groans?!
I was trying to illustrate this by showing a child who might be going through a difficult situation (fear, tired, lonely, sickness, etc.) and coming to the Lord in prayer.  Many children know how if feels to feel pain and anguish inside.  I added the directional light breaking the evening light (on right side) to help show how the child is not alone and the Holy Spirit is sharing in our feelings with us and helping us.
When viewing these illustrations, remember that the pictures are not meant to “stand on their own” but there will be a teacher explaining/teaching from an accompanying text with the illustration helping to hold the child’s attention, help bring the lesson to life, reinforce the truths being taught, and complement the written text with additional visual teaching.
For the reference photo, I used a child whose parents are presently students at the 3-month training course in Kilchzimmer.  He was a real trooper and patient as I took a series of photos, placing each of his fingers individually into position.  This was very important since the hands & fingers had to communicate the intense emotions without the help of the eyes or face.
Excerpt from accompanying Bible lesson text:
“Our prayers are often very imperfect, but the Holy Spirit prays to God for us so that we will be strong to do what is right and to keep on doing it.  When you pray quietly to God at home, isn’t it wonderful to know that the Holy Spirit is praying for you and with you!”
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Final print size is 24x34cm ring-bound flashcard book with accompanying text.  Illustration was created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.  … Initial sketch ideas were created using traditional pencil, pen and paper. 🙂
2907, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (5-3)

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This is an application picture following the story of the disciples witnessing to the crowd after Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit gave them power to tell others about the Lord Jesus (Acts).

Here, 9 yr. old Heather has an opportunity to share with her friend Mary when Mary noticed a change in her life and asked Heather what happened.

Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Illustration print size is 24x34cm – 34 total illustrations in a ring-bound book with accompanying lesson text.  Illustration is created using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
2807, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (4-6)

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This may seem like an odd picture to be part of the Meet the Author series.  You may recognize this scene from a familiar story.

In this part of the lesson, an application is made by referencing a scene from “Pilgrim’s Progress” – a well known classic story about a man called Christian.  I decided to have the characters wearing present day clothing but place them in a more traditional/rustic cottage scene.
In this scene the angry-looking man who pours water on the fire reminds us of the devil, who is always trying to discourage us, to make us love the Lord Jesus less and to trust Him less.

The man pouring oil from the other side of the wall to keep the fire going represents the Holy Spirit who keeps the fire burning in the life of the Christian – encouraging us and helping us to love and serve God.
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  The illustration was created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.  It will be printed as a ring-bound flashcard, 24x34cm with accompanying lesson text.
2207, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (3-3)

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Excerpt from accompanying lesson text:

The people in Jerusalem were certainly listening to God’s voice. That is why they called out, “What must we do?”
Peter told them to turn from their sins and trust in the Lord Jesus so that their sins could be wiped out (Acts 2:38).
That day many, many people turned to God from their sins and trusted in Jesus as their Saviour – over 3,000 of them! What joy there must have been that day in Jerusalem! There was certainly great joy in Heaven! (Luke 15:10) …
If you have trusted in Jesus as your Saviour, you too can have this joy in your heart. ….
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series for children on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Illustration was created using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.  Ring-bound flashcard book is 24x34cm.  Comes with accompanying text.
2107, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (3-2)

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Excerpt from accompanying lesson text:

Who made these men and women and children realise that they had sinned against God? Who made them feel so sorry about all the wrong things that they had done? Was it Peter? Or the other apostles?  ….
Peter had certainly preached God”s Word to the people, but the Person who made them realise that they had done wrong was the Holy Spirit.  While Peter and the others were preaching, the Holy Spirit was working silently in the hearts of the people to show them their sin and to give them eternal life. …(John 16:8). …
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit. Illustration created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
1707, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (5-5)

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Excerpt from accompanying text:

Sam was reading his Bible one morning.  Before he began, he asked God to help him understand what he was about to read.  He read from Eph. 4:32 “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.”
At lunchtime when he was playing football Tom, one of his friends, kicked him quite hard.  Sam was just about to punch him back, when the words “forgiving one another, … as God … forgave you” came into his mind.  He just played on and did not pay Tom back.
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.  Illustration created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.  Final ringbound flashcard is 24x34cm.
1507, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (5-6)

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Excerpt from lesson text:

At home that evening, he was finishing a jigsaw puzzle, when Anne (his younger sister) suddenly knocked lots of the pieces onto the floor.  Sam was about to shout angrily at her when he remembered the words from the Bible – “Forgiving one another, … as God … forgave you.”  Sam was able to pick up the pieces quietly, without making a big fuss.  ….
Meet the Author is a 5-part Bible lesson series for children on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Illustration created using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.  Flashcard lesson is 24x34cm with accompanying text.
207, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (4-7)

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This is the last picture of lesson four which concludes with questions to review what was taught about the Holy Spirit.

There are application questions for the saved and unsaved child.
“Meet the Author” is a 5-part visualized Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.  Print size: 24x34cm.  Ring-bound flashcard book with accompanying text. Illustrations created using Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
3006, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (4-1)

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Illustration for Meet the Author, a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Print size: 24x34cm, ring-bound CEF flashcard book with accompanying lesson text.  Illustration created with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
2606, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (4-4)

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Another illustration finished today for Meet the Author, a 5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Here are a few excerpts from the accompanying text:
“Have you ever seen a potter working?  He is a person who uses clay to make cups or vases or pots.
This is a picture of what the Holy Spirit is doing in your life.  He is the great Potter who is shaping you little by little.  The pattern that He has in His mind is the Lord Jesus Himself. 
The Holy Spirit who lives in me, is changing me little by little,  I am far from perfect but I know that the Holy Spirit will keep on helping me to become more and more like the Lord Jesus.
One day, when we get to Heaven, we will indeed be perfectly like the Lord Jesus Himself. Isn’t that wonderful?”
Print size: 24x34cm, ring-bound flashcard book with accompanying lesson text.  Illustration created with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
Copyright ©2009, CEF Europe.  All rights reserved.  These images may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder.  Thank you.
2506, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (4-5)

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Application picture for Meet the Author Bible lesson series.

Here are some short excerpts from the accompanying lesson text:
“Another reason [the Holy Spirit comes to live in you] is to help you to be sure that you really are God’s child (Rom. 8:15-16).  …
The devil will often attack you and try to make you doubt that you are saved.  He wants you to keep wondering, “Am I really a child of God, Are my sins really all forgiven….”
Part of the work of the Holy Spirit is to help you answer the devil when he attacks.
Firstly, He brings back to mind verses like Romans 10:13 ….   
He helps you to be sure from these promises that you are truly God’s child.
The second way that the Holy Spirit helps you to be sure that you are saved and are God’s child is by helping you to see the little changes that He is making in your life, even when you are alone and no-one is watching to see if you do what is right or not. ….”
5-part Bible lesson series for children on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.
Print size: 24x34cm, ring-bound flashcard book with accompanying text available in several languages.  Illustration created with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
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2306, 2009

Meet the Author – lesson series (4-3)

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Application picture for Meet the Author Bible lesson series.

Here are a few excerpts from the accompanying lesson text:
“Another reason why the Holy Spirit has come to live in each believer is to change him or her.
His name tells you what kind of a Person He is.  He is holy.  That means that He is perfect and pure and clean.  He cannot do anything wrong.  He loves everything that is good and lovely.  He also hates everything that is dirty and wrong and sinful.
When the Holy Spirit came to live in you the moment you trusted in Christ as your Saviour, He started the work of making you more like the Lord Jesus.  He will go on with that wonderful work, little by little, during your whole life (2 Cor. 3:18).
5-part Bible lesson series on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. Print size: 24x34cm ringbound flashcard with accompanying text.  Illustration created with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter X.
Copyright ©2009, CEF Europe.  Do not use pictures without permission. Thank you.