Noah's ark in storm.

Noah’s ark in storm.

Started illustrations for the Noah’s ark scenes in the early reader booklet.  I don’t normally get to paint a stormy sea so this was a big challenge to simplify a chaotic scene, involving several re-re-does.  There’s a reason art teachers drill in the importance of nailing down the values first, before adding color.  The b/w draft stage is where most of the problems are solved.

Normally, for an image like this where there is limited light, the entire scene would lean toward monochromatic with grey-blues/greens, including the boat.  I added more color because this will be for young children and it helps to have the boat stand out.  The final printed image in the book will only take up the top 1/4 of a page.

tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Cintiq 18sx