Who we are

Tim & Sue Shirey
Tim & Sue ShireyCEF – European Regional Office
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At a glance

The Shireys have been serving as missionaries with Child Evangelism Fellowship since 1984 and are presently working in the CEF European Regional Office (“Kilchzimmer”). “Kilchzimmer” is located in Langenbruck, Switzerland and houses the administrative offices and training facilities.

  • Tim works in the Multimedia Dept. creating illustrations/artwork for printed material such as Bible lessons, evangelistic booklets, and tracts for children. He uses his visual storytelling skills in photography and video to produce  multimedia resources for promoting the ministry of CEF throughout Europe and the world.  He also assists with training.
  • Sue is the European Education Assistant, working with teachers and prospective students planning to attend the various training courses held in Kilchzimmer, such as the Children’s Ministry Leadership Course.

Tim was raised in York, PA.
1980-84 – B.A. in Fine Art from Tennessee Temple University
1985 – CEF Leadership Training Institute (LTI/CMI)
1993 – CEF Instructor of Teachers course

Sue was raised in Hanover, PA.
1985-86 – Certificate in Bible, Washington Bible College
1987 – CEF Teaching Children Effectively Course
2013 – CEF Children’s Ministry Leadership Course (CMLC)
2015 – CEF Instructor of Teachers course

Tim and Sue had the joy of raising three daughters – Heather, Sarah and Rebecca.
Sue enjoys cooking, knitting, reading and she loves to run in the Swiss Alps.

Tim enjoys cycling, hiking, kayaking, musical instruments, woodworking (wooden flutes, etc.), and home coffee roasting.

We’ve been making homemade ice-cream every weekend since 1987. …often combined with watching a good BBC period movie – Pride & Prejudice, North & South, etc., or a Classic TV series like Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes, Mission Impossible, etc.